Marlene’s guidance and assistance in writing my university essays exceeded my highest expectations. She was an incredible source of knowledge and expertise that I benefited greatly from throughout the application process. With Marlene’s assistance, I was able to achieve admission to my number one program, the Western Ivey Business School. Thank you so much Marlene for your amazing work.

Zachary Bloch
34 years of Teaching Experience

Marlene from Education and Career Solutions is extremely attentive, helpful, and supportive. I am grateful for her help in directing me to a career path that I love, and could not have found without her. She taught me how to write an effective resume and cover letter and ensured I paid attention to detail. I am very pleased an satisfied with all of Marlene’s assistance and advice.


I was privileged to obtain counselling from Mrs. Kaiman in two capacities; as a high school guidance counsellor and as a university admissions consultant. Her support as a guidance counsellor helped me clearly navigate through different career options, allowing me to make an educated decision about pursing business. Her assistance as a university admissions consultant helped me craft supplementary university applications to top Canadian business programs. Throughout my work with Mrs. Kaiman, I learned a lot about myself and gained the confidence to follow my career aspirations.

Maya Taishidler
2018 BBA Candidate, Schulich School of Business

As a high school teacher of over 30 years I believed that I understood the pathways and choices a senior high school student would have to make in grade 11 and again in grade 12. However as a parent of a 17 year old teenage boy, who was confused on what courses to take and how to follow a path to University, I felt quite incompetent when it came to charting his specific course to University. My son insisted that he make an appointment with the Head of Guidance Marlene Kaiman. Feeling slighted that my son chose another teacher to help rather than his dad I asked if I could go along, reluctantly my son agreed. I went through many feelings such as : Why couldn’t I help my son? The guidance counselor will think I am incompetent. All these fears quickly disappeared within minutes of meeting Marlene Kaiman. Her ease in dealing with my son and his nervous dad was remarkable. Marlene’s knowledge of courses along with my son’s abilities were presented in such a way that I was immediately put at ease. There was no rush to pick courses. Marlene’s knew things about my son that I didn’t, they spoke to each other with a mutual respect that was truly impressive. Marlene Kaiman took the the time to know my son the person, what he wanted in his future and presented a variety of pathways to fulfill his goal of attending University. Marlene had done her research. She understood my son’s learning style, had discussed his work habits with teachers and had compiled a few pathways that my son could choose from. After the meeting Marlene would have follow up meetings with my son to see how he was progressing. She would advocate for him in situations when needed but my son always felt he was making his own decisions. This is the gift Marlene Kaiman possesses more than all her knowledge. Her innate ability to work and teach people to think for themselves. In thirty four years of teaching I have only experienced a handful of teachers who have this skill. My son graduated high school as an Ontario Scholar and is currently finishing his last year in BSc Kinesiology at Dalhousie University. Marlene Kaiman didn’t just teach my son about picking courses she taught him how to think for himself.

Gary Armstrong
34 years of Teaching Experience

Prior to working with Ms. Marlene Kaiman I was unable to work successfully in class. I was very nervous entering my grade 11 year and failed to uphold the expectations that, both myself and my family had set. I knew I could do better but really needed help selecting appropriate courses and an effective timeline for University application. Marlene foremost respected the vision I had of myself and developed strategies to move forward in my learning, time management, and course selection. Marlene put power into my hands and told my parents ,both being high school teachers, that I was going to graduate when I was ready. This was very significant to my development academically; for once I had my own timeline. Marlene and I mutually agreed to take grade 12 English in summer school to alleviate my timetable in the fall semester when I was to take Biology, Chemistry, and Exercise Science. Today I am enrolled in multiple physiology and biology courses and have completed multiple courses with great success in the faculty of chemistry. I enter my fourth year at Dalhousie University and use many of the time management strategies Marlene and I discussed in grades 11 and 12 at Alexander Mackenzie High School. I have always had great interest in my academics but would never have achieved success at University and in grade 12 if Marlene and I had not developed my own timeline and managed my courses. Marlene tailored my scheduling to my work ethic and got the most out of what I wanted to put into my schooling, I am very grateful to have stumbled into Marlene’s office when I did. I was very scared and lacked the confidence to move forward with my education. The transition to a University that is a 21 hour drive from home can be very daunting for a grade 12 student, I am forever grateful to have successfully made this transition and will never forget my time spent with Ms. Marlene Kaiman.

Brett Armstrong
34 years of Teaching Experience

Marlene Kaiman should be Toronto's very first step when looking for a future career. Her charisma and positive attitude takes any weight off your chest and creates a feeling of walking into the home of a second mom rather than an office. She is talented, hardworking and resourceful and is not afraid to chase through the GTA until she has an answer that suits you. After an in-home meet with fair prices and large results, Marlene would then speak to me on the phone to tie up any loose ends or deter any confusion. I am excited to get started on my career with no doubts or concerns and I can absolutely thank her for it. 5 star hospitality, 5 star results.

Grant Taggart
21 Year Old Toronto Resident